Quebrada la Vieja – Beautiful páramo two hours walk from Bogotá

This chaos of somewhere between 9 and 12 million people, no functioning public transport system, worst air quality in South America and a constant traffic noise that drives me crazy… It kind of… Continue reading

Can’t Believe this is Just a 40 Minutes Walk from Central Bogotá

Can there actually exist an accessible forest trail, surrounded by dense green vegetation, birds singing and even a waterfall to swim in, only a short walk from central Bogotá? At 8am on a Sunday morning, my friends… Continue reading

“The hills are alive” in Suesca

Are we still in Colombia or in the Austrian Alps? I felt like Maria in Sound of Music and sang “The hills are alive…” and danced through the highland meadows under a blue sky and… Continue reading

Salento – A Commercial Gem in the Colombian Coffee Region

Commercial and touristic, but still a gem. Hidden in a green valley near Pereira in the Colombian coffee district, Salento makes for a relaxed weekend with pool playing, reading in the hammock and a… Continue reading

Valle de Cocora – Valley of the Giant Palm Trees

The Quindío wax palm with its impressive 60 meters, is the national tree and official symbol of Colombia. We took a weekend to visit Salento and the Cocora valley, in the Colombian coffee… Continue reading

The Pulpit Rock

After a week of travelling in Norway, we reached what was our original plan. We had just found so many interesting ideas along the way, and had travelled much further north than planned. But now we… Continue reading

The Tongue of the Troll – hiking in Norway

I’ve travelled to the southernmost tip of Chile and I’ve seen Swedes going all the way to New Zealand to explore places like this. Then it turns out that for the 20 years that I… Continue reading

5 hours stopover in Frankfurt

What to do with a five hours stopover in Frankfurt? Explore town of course! An 11 minutes train ride takes you to the Central station of Frankfurt wherefrom it’s easy to walk around… Continue reading

Cartagena the City of Contrasts

Cartagena as we’re used to seeing it portrayed, lovely, colourful and picturesque. It is lovely. But Cartagena is also a heavily corrupt and unequal place, with heaps of garbage and abandoned public construction work as soon… Continue reading

Singing and Signing Peace in Colombia

I will probably look back on this day as one of the biggest ever in my choir life. And hopefully as the biggest day in modern Colombian history. The Opera Choir of Colombia sang for guerrilleros,… Continue reading

Waterfalls, snowy mountains and the Hardangerfjord

Our Norwegian roadtrip finally took us to our first fjord, a curly part of the Hardangerfjord, named Eidfjord. I sat down in the warming sunshine and admired the waterfall Vöringsfossen. Vöringsfossen. Continuing down by… Continue reading

Roadtrip through Hardangervidda

Our Norwegian roadtrip continued along Rv 7 from Geilo in the mountains towards the Eidfjord. This is supposed to take 1,5 h, but we stopped at least thirty times along the way just to admire the views,… Continue reading

Raggsteindalen where the wrong trail becomes the right trail

The Norwegian roadtrip continues. We had set our eyes on these mountains, north of Geilo and part of Hallingskarvet National Park. A narrow gravel road took us to a god-forgotten valley named Raggsteindalen… Continue reading

Hallingskarvet Nationalpark somewhere in the clouds

The morning for our first day-tour in Hallingskarvet National Park seemed promising, when I stepped out of the tent. It had rained during the night and the clouds seemed to be blowing away.… Continue reading

Let the Norwegian Roadtrip Begin

After some hours of sleep in the car at the parking of the Vigeland sculpture park, we left Oslo early in the morning. (The Vigeland parking is surrounded by trees, free during the… Continue reading

A Sunnier Side of Oslo

I had fallen so much in love with Oslo during the first visit that I asked my dad and Javier if they’d accompany me for a second visit. In contrast to that first time, we… Continue reading

8 Things not to miss in Oslo

Even though it’s one of the most expensive cities in the world, Oslo can still be a viable option for budget travelling. Museums are cheap, the Vigeland sculpture park is free as is walking… Continue reading

Norwegian Summer Nights and Summer Days in Moss

23:47 June 30th, it doesn’t get any darker than this. I stayed up looking at the sky until 3 am and it never got dark. Scandinavian summer nights, this was precisely what I came for. No… Continue reading

Return to Scandinavian Summer…

Finally! The upcoming six weeks will be spent in some spontaneously chosen places in Scandinavia with Karlsborg in Sweden and Moss in Norway as base camps. Stay in tune…    

Is the Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral worth a visit?

Even though it has been low on my list for things to do around Bogotá, I was really amazed when I finally got to the Salt Cathedral. I had the idea that it’d just… Continue reading

Macbeth won’t let me travel

This blog still exists! I promise! The reason you haven’t heard much from me lately is best described by the photo above. Latinamerikaliv is working. And what a job! After nine long years of trying… Continue reading

A day on a Colombian Coffee Farm

  What is Colombia to me? The color green in a million different nuances. You will notice, if you come here. As soon as you leave Bogotá behind you, the emerald green mountains are… Continue reading

Abandoned places in Colombia: Hotel Salto del Tequendama

Does anybody share my fascination for abandoned places? I’ve dreamt of seeing el Hotel del Salto del Tequendama for a long time. Abandoned for more than 50 years, many people believe it’s haunted… Continue reading

Chicaque Cloud Forest only an hour from Bogotá

The best thing about Chicaque Natural Park is that it’s so close to Bogotá. Second best is that it’s a green valley with hummingbirds, cloud forest, waterfalls and well-marked trails for hiking. Once you… Continue reading

10 reasons to fall in love with Medellín

I’ve fallen in love with Medellín, just as I had heard so many other travellers do. The walks through Comuna 13, the bars in Provenza, the museums, well-functioning infrastructure, stunning views and relaxed and… Continue reading

The best way to enjoy the thermal baths in Choachí

10.45 am Start by taking the bus to Choachí from Parque Tercer Milenio in Bogotá. (Confortable seats, costs 9000 pesos, leaves every 15 minutes, takes 1 h 10 minutes.) Enjoy the varying view… Continue reading

The beautiful Botanical Garden of Bogotá

From Andean páramo, Amazon rain forest, wax palms and oak woods to an English rose garden as well as indigenous irrigation techniques. With this extraordinary variety of landscapes, the botanical garden of Bogotá is… Continue reading

Happy new 2016 from Bogotá and Medellín!

Sorry it’s been so quiet from Latinamerikaliv. Sometimes this Latin American living just consumes me completely and there seems to be no space for blogging. But now there’s so much to tell. I’ve… Continue reading

Confessions of the happy nomad

A nomad is no better than a backpacker or conventional tourist. But maybe a bit different… Read PedroL’s interesting reflection on our nomad lifestyles. Latinamerikaliv is so happy to have PedroL as a… Continue reading

3000 years old statues in the greenest mountains of Colombia

Intriguing archeology together with breathtaking sceneries of green Andean mountains and high waterfalls, clean air and the best hammocks in Colombia. San Agustín in the Colombian Andes tops my favourite destinations in Colombia. Hundreds of 3000 years old… Continue reading