This post is part of Latinamerikaliv’s summer stay in Karlsborg, Sweden.


Now that I recently hiked the western part of Tiveden National park, I thought I’d just post some pictures from the other main trail in Tiveden. (Sorry about the quality of the photos, they were taken last year with a really old cell phone camera.) Trollkyrkoleden in direct translation from Swedish would mean the Trail of the Church of the Trolls. Can you guess why?


Old folklore explanation to the scattered rocks in the middle of the woods involved trolls. These giants would have played with the rocks, throwing them around and sliding down the cliffs. Trollkyrka is also said to have been a pagan sacrificial ground. This protected virgin forest hosts trees that are 500 years old. They somehow find a way to continue growing.


While Stenkälla trail takes you to a variety of scenic views from high cliffs near the lake, Trollkyrka stays more to the woods.


My aunt Ingrid taught me about the rare lichens and mosses to be found along the way. And at least I got to see one troll…


Tiveden is probably one of my favourite places for hiking in the world. But, I wouldn’t recommend anybody to go there when it’s raining too much. All these roots become extraordinarily slippery.


It did begin to rain, though, during our walk. We had to look for shelter under some rocks, but meanwhile we could admire these water lilies. (If you go to Tiveden during second half of July you’ll be likely to see the rare red water lilies too, that have their original habitat in Fagertärn, one of the Tiveden lakes.)


After the rain, these woods become truly magic. It’s a saying in Sweden when the water evaporates from the ground, that it is the fairies that are dancing.


Can you see them?


Trollkyrka trail is a 6 km walk and not so hilly as Stenkälla trail. I still think Stenkälla is more beautiful, but both have their quite different sorts of charm, so why not do both?