This post is part of Latinamerikaliv’s summer stay in Karlsborg, Sweden.


On a sunny August Sunday a group of friends and I met up with Thomas and Millan from VätternOutdoor in Granvik, north of Karlsborg. They had promised to teach us some kayaking technique and to take us to Ombo öar – one of the most beautiful areas for kayaking in southwestern Sweden. And so they did!


Thomas and Camilla have some of the best handmade Swedish VKV-kayaks and it didn’t feel shaky for a second. I was a complete beginner before this, but now I feel like I’ve found my new favourite hobby.




This place truly takes my breath away. High cliffs, sandy beaches, crystal clear water where you can see every pebble on the bottom, rare and common birds and so many different colours. It looks like the Mediterranean rather than Sweden, doesn’t it?



Eventually we found our own little bay for a rest. There are plenty of them, so even when there’s a lot of people out, everybody can find their own cliffs to jump from into the water. (Swedes really are very fond of having a lot of space.)


By this time we were so hungry and shared coffee, cinnamon rolls, apricots and what we had brought.



Lucky us, this day Vättern held 21 degrees Celsius. Normally, it’s famous for being one of the coldest waters in Sweden, since it’s so deep. Next season I will try some dry suit scuba diving here.


I just had to try taking pictures of Thomas both above and below the surface.




I’ve never seen the beaches and cliffs around Djäknesundet as crowded as this day. Luckily, with the kayak you can reach so many more places than if you arrive here by car.


The idea was to paddle for 3 hours, but we were all enjoying it so much that even the instructors lost hold of time. 5 hours later we got back to Granvik with big smiles on our faces and a new passion. We’ll come back! If you want to get in contact with VätternOutdoor you’ll find their website here.


Photographs by Åsa Maria Hermansson