These first three days in Colombia have been even busier than the last days in Sweden. I’ve been running to job interviews, to the Cuban consulate to get our visas, to collect all the necessary papers in order to get the new apartment contract, packing all our belongings before moving. So until I can blog properly, I thought I’d just share some pictures from my last five years her in Bogotá.


Beautiful La Candelaria, the old town of Bogotá. (Dec 2010)


All the street vendors in Plaza de Bolívar and everywhere. (Jan 2014)
Here is a post with some more photos from my field study with them last year and the link to my thesis “Political Organization in the Informal Economy-Organizing Street Vendors in Bogotá” (2014).


Central square Plaza de Bolívar. There are pigeons and people everywhere. (Dec 2010)


The cathedral of Bogotá and one of the many demonstrations in Plaza de Bolívar over the last years of a slightly widened democratic space in the capital. Marcha del congreso para la paz. (April 2013)


The Monserrate sanctuary on the east mountain side of Bogotá, seen from the rooftop of the city library Luis Ángel Arango. (Jan 2011)

Central Bogotá by night seen from the Monserrate mountain (Jan 2014)


My favorite graffiti in central Bogotá (address carrera 10 con Jiménez) and more street vendors. (May 2013)
Bogotá is said to be the South American capital with the most graffiti and mural paintings of all sorts. From what I’ve seen, I can only agree. Here you can see some more pictures of the amazing graffiti of Bogotá.


The Bogotá campus of the National University of Colombia. Naturally, the central square of the university is called La plaza del Che. (April 2013)


Bogotá on a 2600 m plateau is surrounded by mountains. The mountains in the south seen from la Torre Avianca in the city centre. (Feb 2015)


The mountains in the north seen from our old apartment in the Chapinero district. The mountains in the next photo are hidden by the clouds in this one. (April 2013)


The mountains far in the west, also from our old apartment in Chapinero. (Feb 2014)

On Sunday we’re traveling to Cuba for a two weeks visit. Last time I was there, I was in a hospital 2 days out of 5, so I haven’t seen much, except the amazing health care system of Cuba. So, if you have suggestions for where to stay, scuba dive and what to see – please don’t hesitate to write!