There is a small diving center at the very end of the beach in Playa Ancón, a 30 min bus trip from Trinidad in southern Cuba. It is state owned as all the dive centers, and as most things in Cuba. After an incident during my second immersion I have really mixed feelings for this place. But it was nice to get some more diving time and to try my new underwater camera…


Peaceful Playa Ancón at 9.30 in the morning.


DSCN0913-1 copy

This was about as much fish as there was to see in the water this day in mid September. Maybe better at other times of the year?


25 meters below sea level.



Some beautiful corals and an almost invisible lion fish…


And the remaining of a small ship at some 17 meters below sea level. Unfortunately I forgot to ask what this wreck had been. I was a bit upset and was sitting quiet by myself on the boat on the way back.



Already on the way down during the second dive, a piece of my regulator fell off and got stuck inside it and blocked the oxygen flow. Yep. I switched to to my alternate air source, of course, and everything was fine, but it got me a bit shaken during the rest of the dive. I don’t know if I blame myself the most for agreeing to dive with this old equipment, or the diving center for not caring to keep it in better conditions. I ought to have guessed this was to come when they gave me broken fins in the morning. One would have fallen off my foot if I hadn’t insisted on trying both of them on before leaving and insisted on getting another pair, which they were reluctant to provide.


I’m not sure how much I ought to expect. Cuba is a poor country, but yet, so are many other countries we go scuba diving in too, right? Everything went well and they hopefully replaced the mouthpiece of that regulator so it won’t happen again.