One of the best things with Bogotá is that it is so easy to get away from here. With just an hour’s bus trip there are green mountains, 4000 m.a.s.l. altiplanos or tropical valleys. All depending on your taste for the weekend and which direction you go. El Chiflón is the perfect Saturday excursion from Colombia’s capital Bogotá.


We asked the bus driver of the Bogotá-Choachí bus to drop us off as near the waterfalls Chorrera and Chiflón as possible. After a 45 minutes journey, he dropped us off here.


After 1,5 hours hike through this magical agricultural landscape we reached the waterfall El Chiflón. (If you continue for another 3 hours you will get to Colombias highest waterfall La Chorrera too. However, the drought might mean there is no water in it. We asked beforehand and decided to just do El Chiflón.)


Sorry about the cell phone camera quality but you get the idea.


I felt like Pocahontas when I got the chance to walk on the narrow path behind the waterfall.


Waterfall El Chiflón seen from the inside.


See me standing there?


Then we cheated and hitchhiked back to the main road. From there we hitchhiked to Choachí village. After five years in Colombia, I’ve learned that the best way to end a day in any of the villages surrounding Bogotá is by eating “piquete”. A grilled mix of locally produced sausages and meat accompanied by a cold Colombian beer.

We followed this explicit guide (in Spanish) to find the way:

Take the bus from Calle 6 in Bogotá, just around the corner from Parque Tercer Milenio. The bus costs around 6500 Colombian pesos and the ride takes less than 1 hour. Ask to be dropped off by the road to “las cascadas” and follow the photos in the link above to reach the waterfalls. Approximating the Chiflón, the local villagers will charge an entrance fee. It’s not much and in return they keep the place really tidy and secure and they reinvest all the money in the local community.