Now that it happens to be my birthday today, I just realised that over the last ten years I’ve been in a new place for every birthday.

Machu Picchu by

Last year’s stunning 3rd of Nov 2014 at Machu Picchu, Peru. After exploring the Inca ruins we had a siesta on a green hill and got accompanied by this beautiful lama. I got completely lost in the deep darkness of her wise eyes. (Photo credit: Javier Bahamón)

Lagos Portugal

3 Nov 2013 in Lagos, Portugal. My Canadian friend, two Brazilian girls and I rented scooters and headed to the beaches of the very extreme southwest of Europe. Praia Cordoama, one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen. (Photo credit: Michele Piovesan)


3 Nov 2012 in Viena, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia. Klimt exhibition in the day and Mozart’s requiem in Karlskirsche in the night.


3 Nov 2011 in Lund, Sweden. The only time during the last ten years that I celebrated my birthday in some kind of temporary home was this year in Sweden. I stayed in this flat for four months and Kristín, Tomas and my sister made tons of cake. (Photo credit: Elin Alice Hermansson)

DSC_0054 copyNEW

3 Nov 2010 in Skövde, Sweden. With my family! I was living in Paris at this time and about to move to Colombia, so we took some days off and went to Sweden to say goodbye and to celebrate my birthday in my place of birth. (Photo credit: Elin Alice Hermansson)

Paris in autumn

3 Nov 2009 in Paris, France. What on earth did I do for my birthday that year? I was probably working. But at least I was living in beautiful Paris.

DSC09387 copyNEW

3 Nov 2008 in Moyobamba, Peru. The year that I was living in Peru, I was woken up at midnight between the 2nd and 3rd of November with a huge cake and my Peruvian host family singing a reggae version of Happy birthday. (Photo credit: Freddy Guillén)

alla valda (174)

3 Nov 2007 at Ruhija, Tanzania. This year I was living in a village in the Tanzanian countryside. I celebrated with my friends from the music college Ruhija and I think someone made me a cake, which was an amazing contrast to the usual beans and maize porridge.


3 Nov 2006 in Southampton, London and Weymouth, UK. My sister and I went to Southampton to see the amazing Tchaikovsky ballet version of Alice in Wonderland and took a long walk along the beach in Weymouth. (Photo credit: Elin Alice Hermansson)

Härnösands folkhögskola Kapellsbergs musiklinje

3 Nov 2005 in Härnösand, Sweden. God, we look so young and innocent. And we were. First year at college, I was living in a students’ corridor with these darlings and studying music at Kapellsbergs musikskola in Härnösand. It was here that I finally made the decision to leave and become a traveller and took off to see, touch, taste, live and experience the world.

Now, please surprise me today. Colombia 3rd of November 2015!