These are the things that I currently have on my list. What are your dream travel destinations? Do you have any good travel tips for those places that I still haven’t had the chance to see?

Arctic and Antarctica

1. Reach Antarctica and see penguins and icebergs
Reach Antarctica Latinamerikaliv

Completed in November 2014
*I found a last-minute deal and surprised myself by reaching Antarctica only 28 years old!

2. Go whale watching
Whale watching orcas in Antarctica Orne harbour
Completed in November 2014 in Antarctica

3. See emperor penguins

4. Go north of the northern polar circle and south of the southern polar circle

5. See polar bears, whales and abandoned Russian settlements in Svalbard 


1. Live and work in a Tanzanian village
Tanzania Ilemera Ruhija Kagera Latinamerikaliv
Completed in 2007

2. The abandoned diamond towns of Namibia

3. Pick huge seashells at a beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania
Zanzibar Nungwi Latinamerikaliv

Completed in 2007

4. Serengeti wildlife watching, Tanzania


Latin America

1. Stroll the streets of Havana and see what Cuba is really like with my own eyes
Completed in February 2014 and September 2015

2. Explore Machu Picchu…
Machu Picchu Peru Latinamerikaliv
Completed in November 2014
I celebrated my 28th birthday in Machu Picchu as the beginning of my “Just take my bag and go”-trip through South America and Antarctica

3. Whale watching in Chocó, Colombia

4. Visit Pablo Neruda’s beautiful houses in Chile
2/3 Completed in December 2014
*Still one house to go. Visited Neruda’s houses in Santiago and Valparaíso. Why wasn’t I allowed to stay and live there?

5. Lake Titicaca, the blue lake of my dreams
Completed in November 2014
*I did have a swim too!

6. Horseback ride along a Caribbean beach with the warm breeze in my hair
Completed in February 2014 in Cuba

7. Travel on an Amazon river boat from Colombia to Peru

8. Swim with sea cows in Belize

9. Ride the swing at the end of the world, Ecuador
swing at the end of the world
Completed in January 2015

10. Move to the country of my dreams, Colombia
Åsa Maria Hermansson
Completed in November 2010
*And this is where you’ll find me still if every you want to meet up in Bogotá

11. Swim under a waterfall
Lejíayacu Peru Moyobamba Latinamerikaliv
Completed in 2008, Lejíayacu, Peru
Photo credit: Freddy Guillén

12. Visit Santuario de las Lajas, Colombia
Santuario de las Lajas Latinamerikaliv
Completed in January 2015

13. Scuba dive with thousands of hammer sharks around Malpelo island, Colombia

14. Get invited to an indigenous community in South America
Cecilia Maria and Miriam Misak women Cauca Colombia
Completed in 2013 when I was working with social movements in Silvia de Cauca, Colombia
Thank you Cecilia, Maria and Myriam, Misak women and the coolest feminists I’ve met!

15. Visit my friend Belén in Argentina
Completed in December 2014

16. Take long walks along the Pacific Ocean where there’s nothing but sea between me and the other side of the globe
20140903_164733 copy
Finally completed in September-October 2014
*I was living in Barranco, Lima and had the Pacific ocean at 20 minutes walk from my apartment

17. Take my bag and get on a bus without a fixed plan
Latinamerikaliv Åsa Maria Hermansson
Completed in October 2014
I hated my job in Lima and quit, took my backpack and got on a bus. I ended up travelling through Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Antarctica and seeing so many of the places that I had dreamed of 

18. Visit Paraguay just because almost no one else does
Completed in November 2014
It was awesome and terribly hot!

19. Iguazú Waterfalls, Argentina
20141116_133036 copy
Completed in November 2014

20. Reach Patagonia, the end of the world
Ushuaia end of the world
Completed in November 2014

21. Venezuela: See what it’s like with my own eyes

22. Visit the Atacama desert, Chile
Atacama desert geysers Latinamerikaliv

Completed in December 2014

23. Cancún underwater museum

24. Teotihuacán pyramides, Mexico
Teotihuacán pyramids Mexico Latinamerikaliv

Completed in January 2007
*One of my favourite travel experiences. We got there at 8a.m. and had the whole place for ourselves for an hour, meditating on top of the Pyramid of the Sun.

25. Visit my dear Frida Kahlo’s house, Coyoacán, Mexico
Casa Frida Kahlo Coyoacán Mexico Latinamerikaliv
Completed in January 2007

26. Zip glide over a green Colombian valley
Completed in January 2014 in Nocaima, Colombia

27. Wreck diving in Cartagena, Colombia
Wreck diving Cartagena Colombia Latinamerikaliv
Completed in August 2013
*Photo credit: Gustavo Latucca


 1. See Les Miserables and Rent on Broadway, New York

2. See the American Southwest with my own eyes to what it’s really like

3. Yosemite national park, US

4. Niagara Falls, Canada and US
Niagara Falls Canada Latinamerikaliv 

Completed in 2009



1. Petra, Jordan

2. Palestine: See what it’s like with my own eyes
SSA40174 copy
Completed in March 2006 and May 2015

3. Go to a hammam in Istanbul and see all the beautiful mosaics, Turkey
Istanbul Turkey Latinamerikaliv

Completed in June 2012

4. Scuba dive in the Red sea

5. Visit the pyramids of Egypt


1. Maison Picassiette, a house completely covered in mosaics in Chartres, France
Maison Picassiette Chartres France Latinamerikaliv 

Completed in August 2012

2. Horseback ride through the amazing sceneries of Iceland

3. Sleep in a French castle
Chateau Béhen Amiens France Latinamerikaliv
Completed in October 2009, Chateau Béhen, Amiens

 4. Go to a party in the unofficial catacombs of Paris
Fête Catacombes Paris Latinamerikaliv

Completed several times in 2010 when I was living in France
*I did this until one night there was a fire in the catacombs and we stressed back through the dark catacombs and got lost and thought we’d die down there. No need to remind you that it’s illegal to visit these parts of the catacombs and as you can figure dangerous. 

5. See the Northern lights
*I was living in the north of Sweden for 2 years but only saw some green northern light, but I definitely haven’t seen enough

6. Christiania, Copenhagen
Christiana Copenhagen Latinamerikaliv
Completed uncountable times over the last years
*Photo credit Lovisa Prage

7. Paraglide over the Alps on skis like Stig Helmer
Les deux alpes France Paragliding Latinamerikaliv

Completed in March 2010 in Les deux alpes, France
*On our skis we headed down the hill and over a cliff out into the air. Thank God the parachute unfolded and then we’d just fly and fly over the valley of Deux Alpes. 

8. Live for at least a year in Paris
Paris in autumn Latinamerikaliv
Completed in 2009-2010

9. Budapest, Hungary
Margaretha island Budapest Latinamerikaliv
Completed in May 2008

10. Sevilla, Granada and Alhambra, Spain

11. Pompeji, Italy
Pompeji Italy Latinamerikaliv
Completed in 2012
*I had decided I wouldn’t go to Italy as long as Berlusconi was in power. But at the same time Pompeji was falling into pieces and it was getting urgent to go and see this place that I had dreamed of since I was little. The day my sister and I took up the newspaper and saw Berlusconi was out, we booked the tickets.

12. Hike Swedish fjällen alone
Hamrafjället Funäsdalen Sweden Latinamerikaliv
Completed in September 2006

13. Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russia

14. See polar bears in Svalbard

15. Visit Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny, France
Giverny Monet's garden Latinamerikaliv bridge
Completed in May 2007 and July 2010

16. Scuba dive in Lake Vättern, Sweden

17. Northern Norway in winter: Go whale watching and see the northern lights

18. Make a spontaneous road trip through Sweden with just a tent and plenty of time

19. Bratislava
Bratislava Slovakia Latinamerikaliv
Completed in November 2012

20. Romania

21. Krakow in spring, Poland

22. Find my own amber rocks on the beaches of the Baltic sea


1. Visit the temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

2. Waitomo glow worm caves, New Zeeland

3. Snorkel with humpback whales, Tonga

4. See panda bears in Chengdú, China


1. Scuba dive the deep oceans
Scuba diving Cartagena Colombia Latinamerikaliv

Completed in January 2007
*Although I did my first dive off the coast of Mexican Yucatán, the photo is from a deep dive on 33 m off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia

2. Sleep in a tree house

3. Downhill ski on all continents: Rocky mountains, Andes, Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Iran, New Zeeland, French Alps, Swedish mountains

*So far only Revelstoke in the Rocky Mountains, Canada, Les deux alpes in the French Alps and several places in the Swedish and Norwegian mountains, but it’s a life project

4. Make friends from every country around the world