So happy to be a guest at Portuguese travel blogger Pedro’s site. Check out his awesome travel blog!

P e d r o L

Åsa Maria Hermansson was born 29 years ago in Skövde. From this swedish city has discovered the world, travelling in 40 countries, living in 5 of them across 3 diferent continents. Currently lives in Bogotá (Colombia) and keeps respecting the plan done together with her best friend: ‘we would try to get as far away from Skövde as possible’. Follow her adventures in Latinamerikaliv.

Are you travelling at the moment?

I am in Colombia for the moment, a country that has seen me come and leave and come again, during the last five years. The best things about Bogotá is that it’s a city still not adapted to tourism. It’s somewhat rough and ugly, but quite safe, the restaurant menus are in Spanish only, prices hold a Colombian level, it’s just… Colombian.
If I am to recommend something special about Bogotá, it would be to head over to the Chapinero district and see how people live…

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