Macbeth Latinamerikaliv

This blog still exists! I promise! The reason you haven’t heard much from me lately is best described by the photo above. Latinamerikaliv is working. And what a job! After nine long years of trying to escape opera music, the career that I once was studying when an exchange program in Palestine caught my interest and led me onto the nomadic path in life that you’ve seen me wandering, I’m suddenly back on that old track again.

Macbeth witch

Life as a soprano of the Opera Choir of Bogotá is harder than any other thing I’ve worked with. During the rehearsals for Verdi’s Macbeth, I asked myself a million times if I’d have the energy to cope until the premier.

Macbeth_Aplausos_Åsa Maria Hermansson

But this moment made it all so worth it. (Photo by Teatro Colón)

Macbeth_Åsa Maria Hermansson_1

However, I will definitely go travelling again. Iceland, Northern Norway and Russian Kola peninsula, Svalbard, Paris, Tanzania, Cornwall and many places more are on the list. And there will certainly be several blog reports from around Colombia later this year. So please stay in tune and be patient with me. And if you’re in Bogotá, you have yet another week’s chance to see the best version of Macbeth ever played!