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23:47 June 30th, it doesn’t get any darker than this. I stayed up looking at the sky until 3 am and it never got dark. Scandinavian summer nights, this was precisely what I came for. No other noise than from the seagull on the rooftop. A calm town in the south of Norway.

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Moss? Even though its beauty lacks the drama of western Norway, this small town by a fjord between Oslo and the Swedish border has water everywhere and is really beautiful. But is there anything to see here? Oh yes, a bit unexpectedly, there is…

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For a hundred years Moss was notorious for its bad smell. Among many industries, a paper factory used to spread its horrendous odour over the town, until it shut down a few years ago.

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But the old industrial environments of different époques and production history are beautiful places to visit today.

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Old, colourful wooden houses in central Moss.

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The combined book shop, concert scene, café, bar and art gallery House of Foundation became my favourite hang-out in Moss.

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Don’t miss the backyard of House of Foundation with a view over the waterfalls that used to put the wheels in motion when this was one of Norway’s most productive industrial environments.

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The beach walk of Moss.

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Lucky me to have a sister-in-law with a sailing boat. Boating seems to be the favourite activity of a lot of people here, so we did as the locals and went sailing on the Oslo fjord.

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My gorgeous sailing brother.

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Not always easy to organise as we live in three different countries, my reason to visit Moss was the yearly reunion with my sisters and brother.

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I’m so grateful for this wonderful weekend. I’ll write more about our rainy art day in exciting Oslo very soon…