I had fallen so much in love with Oslo during the first visit that I asked my dad and Javier if they’d accompany me for a second visit. In contrast to that first time, we arrived in Oslo on the warmest and sunniest day of the year. Oslo is perfect for walking around so we left the car in a slightly less expensive parking near the Munch Museum and headed out.


Along the walk from the Central Station to Grönland.

Latinamerikaliv_Oslo_sol_vigeland smiles

It was like all the granite sculptures in Gustav Vigeland’s sculpture park were smiling at us. These stunning 212 bronze and granite sculptures of human bodies are almost too much to take in, but we had a coffee break halfway and spent various hours in the park. A breathtaking art installation and free entrance.


The only bad thing about a sunny day in Oslo was that we had to share all the sites with thousands of other people. But that’s just a fact in July.


We visited the Munch Museum this time but it’s a bit of a disappointment that their most important works by Munch are kept hidden from the public due to the museum’s fear of having them stolen. The collection at the National Gallery is better.


The answer to how to eat out cheap in Oslo… Picnic of course!


The Botanical garden is my favourite picnic spot in Oslo, just opposite the street from the Munch Museum.


As I mentioned before, a must in Oslo is to look for those little details…


Second picnic. Beer on the grass at Sukkerbiten waiting for the concert. 40 NOK for 40 cl. We had expected it to be more expensive so it wasn’t that bad.

Latinamerikaliv_Oslo_sol_Gogol Bordello

The convincing argument for Javier to join me to Oslo was that our favourite gypsy punk band would be playing at Sukkerbiten just behind the opera. We almost missed it, because in Norway concerts begin on time and not a couple of hours later as we are used to. But Gogol Bordello from New York gave a terrific concert on this beautiful outdoor stage shaped as a boat stem.

20160820_155910 copybcd

At this time, I had been out of camera battery for hours. The night ended with a calm afterparty with some of the Gogol Bordello band members on the rooftop of this architectonical marvel. I already knew that the rooftop of the Oslo Opera is a famous place for chilling and sunbathing in Oslo, but discovered that it also offers beautiful afterparties under the stars.

Then we had some hours of sleep in the car before taking off on our once-in-a-lifetime Norwegian Roadtrip… I’ll tell you more soon.