The Norwegian roadtrip continues. We had set our eyes on these mountains, north of Geilo and part of Hallingskarvet National Park. A narrow gravel road took us to a god-forgotten valley named Raggsteindalen from where we decided to hike during the afternoon to Lordehytta, an old shelter on top of the mountain.


Our idea was to sleep the night in the hytta and descend the following day. These trails, however, were not as well-market as we assumed. And there are many trails.


Somehow we managed to chose slightly further to the east at the very beginning of the hike and after a while we realised we were on the wrong track.


After all, we decided it was so beautiful that we could just as well continue this way instead.


We just continued walking along this vivid stream of fresh drinking water.


Our map didn’t show its name, so I can’t tell you precisely where we were.


Eventually we made dinner in the late night sunshine.


After a peaceful rest, we walked back and camped in the valley. We didn’t get to see Lordehytta but it didn’t matter the least. Raggsteindalen was the most beautiful place we had seen in Norway so far. Or what do you say?

Even more stunning places were to come, though. Pictures from Hardangervidda and Trolltunga coming soon…