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Endless carpets of emerald green. I try to imagine that each square meter below us is a tree with birds, insects, monkeys, plants and felines living from it. And in one of those trees, there is a tree house. When we flew into the Amazon rainforest, our first destination was the highest tree house in Tanimboca, a reserve in the Colombian part of Amazonas near Leticia.

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Latinamerikaliv_Amazonas_Tree house_4

Leticia by the Amazon river.

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From the airport in Leticia we shared a taxi with some friends to the town center, and from there a local bus along the only road from Leticia. (There really isn’t any need for those resorts with private transfer and all that. Travelling in the Amazon on your own account is easy and safe.) After some 40 minutes we got off at Tanimboca and began walking through the forest.

Latinamerikaliv_Amazonas_Tree house_6

Our Tanimboca tree house 12 meters up.

Latinamerikaliv_Amazonas_Tree house_7

Fulfilling a dream.

Latinamerikaliv_Amazonas_Tree house_8b

Latinamerikaliv_Amazonas_Tree house_10

Natural experience.

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Latinamerikaliv_Amazonas_Tree house_11b

Room with a view. Never expect a quiet experience when sleeping out in the jungle. The noise from frogs, birds and other animals out in the dark is tremendous.

Latinamerikaliv_Amazonas_Tree house_12

Twelve meters up.

Latinamerikaliv_Amazonas_Tree house_13


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A night walk in the jungle with a guide just for us was included in the stay. Where we saw nothing but darkness, Luis was able to point out poisonous frogs, tarantulas and glowing leaves that shine in the dark.

Latinamerikaliv_Amazonas_Tree house_15

Latinamerikaliv_Amazonas_Tree house_16

Banana frog.

Latinamerikaliv_Amazonas_Tree house_17


Latinamerikaliv_Amazonas_Tree house_19

Venenous frog.

Latinamerikaliv_Amazonas_Tree house_20

After Tanimboca the voyage continued to Puerto Nariño with crocodiles and pink dolphins. More about that soon…