After the dramatic journey to Providencia and a getting installed at darling Juan Carlos’s posada (which you can read about in Providencia – Chapter 1), we were curious to explore the beaches, dive sites, lush forests and high peaks. Once you have rented a scooter and picked up a free map, the only difficulty is to decide where to start. We checked the winds and chose the calmest side of the island for the day. That was Catalina island, a smaller island connected to north parts of Providencia by a bridge.


We parked the scooters by the bridge and after crossing the bridge headed to the left and just followed the trail. We hardly met any other visitors along the hilly walk in the shade.



These were everywhere. It’s prohibited to remove them from the island.



We met two Spanish guys at the head of Captain Morgan who challenged me to jump the perhaps 8 metres. How could I not?


I beg you pardon, I didn’t take the classical photo of Morgan’s head. I jumped into the water without the camera, but I swam to the other side of the rock and I can assure that it actually looks like a head.


Then we grabbed the camera and snorkels and explored the water along the rocks. Providencia is famous for its diving sites, but I had caught a cold and had to accept that there’d be no shipwreck diving this time.




Sea cucumber.


Snorkling was amazing still. I’ll return to this subject in one of the next chapters about Cayo Cangrejo and the warm waters on the east side of the island… Coming soon.