Providencia’s Southwest bay really is worth a chapter of its own. We took the scooters and spent the afternoon here. Everyone who has been to Providencia talks about the restaurant El divino niño on the beach in Southwest bay. Can it be that amazing when everyone talks of it? Well, yes!


You sit with your feet directly in the sand. The temperature is perfect in the shade under the palm trees and you listen to the wind in their leaves.


And then you pay 52.000 Colombian pesos (15€) and get a tray with fish, seafood, even lobster, coco rice, bread fruit and soup that easily feeds four people. We shared between two hungry men and one woman, and we could still take fish with us in a doggy bag for dinner.


Again hammocks. You just choose one, and open your book. No one will come and charge you for it.


There aren’t any seashells or snorkel sites in Southwest bay, but the sand is white, the water warm and there are free chairs and hammocks for everyone.


The only reason we finally left was that there are tiny little blackflies appearing in the sand by the time of sunset. But we’d return to Southwest bay several times.