A 45 min kayak tour from the east side of Providencia lies Cayo cangrejo. But this was the day of if not’s and next times. Hadn’t the wind and waves been so aggressive, we’d have paddled to the cay and also to the mangrove manglar. If I hadn’t caught a cold, I’d have scuba dived. Luckily we had a plan B.


We took a taxi to Maracaibo, rented snorkling gear on site and paid for a boat to take us to Cayo cangrejo, to Cayos de los tres hermanos and to a shallow reef near the Three brothers’ cay. We snorkled both on the reef and around Cayo cangrejo and liked Cangrejo better than the reef.


Especially around the jetty there was so much fish in the water. There was a lazy sea turtle as well, of which I didn’t manage to get any pictures as the strong current carried away with it so fast.



Cayo cangrejo is a tiny little island and it took some 25 minutes to snorkel around the island.


It’s not what you see when scuba diving, but it was still nice to swim in the warm sea. And the fact that we had to leave Providencia without scuba diving and without kayaking the manglar, means that we’ll have to return. And that’s not so bad after all.



Despite it’s size, the island is still pretty high. There was a short trail to the top of the island and we sat for a while on a rock overlooking the sea called the Sea of the seven colours.


Indeed aren’t there at least seven different shades of blue?