From Aguas dulces there is a short trail to the hydraulic power dam of Providencia. We walked there before breakfast.


It wasn’t anything like the Peak hike, but still worth a visit for those of us who want to stretch our legs in the morning. There’s no chance you’ll get lost if you ask for the starting point of the trail and then just follow it.


After that, we headed to the small beach that some visitors have as their favourite beach on the island.


Allen beach, a small reggae paradise reached from a short trail from the main road on the west side of the island. It was windy and wavy so the water wasn’t so clear this day and it even got a bit cold. But we chilled in the hammocks for some hours. And except for the reggae playing beer vendor, we had the beach entirely to ourselves.


We didn’t agree with the enthusiasts who claim that this is the best beach of the island, but we had an relaxing time. I found the novel The watchmaker of Filigree street by a Natasha Pulley at the hostel and couldn’t stop reading.


Sadly, this was our last day on Providencia. And we didn’t even get to kayak the manglar or scuba dive the ship wrecks and coral reefs. That is, we’ll have to return. Next time will probably be in the summer, when the waters are said to be calmer. But the temperature by the end of the year was just perfect. I don’t know what the visitors’ rate is in June, but we hardly met any other tourists. If you ask me what my favourite place is in Colombia, the answer will doubtlessly be Providencia.


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